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  • you must ship Bellarke

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  • you must be able to contribute to the network (e.g make gifs, edits, write fanfics, reblog stuff etc)

  • you mustn’t hate on other ships or characters(no-one likes that)

  • you have to be a nice, respectful blogger (which we’re sure you all are)

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Join us because:

  • We can help with gifs, fic writing, edits, anything you need!

  • You get a place on our hella network page

  • FRIENDSHIPS cos we’re awesome people

Additional Info:

  • Message me or Catherine if you have any questions

  • Make sure you track therebelsandprincessesnetwork for updates!

  • We’ll pick the first 5-10 members Monday 6th of October

  • We’ll add new members every few weeks/months, so don’t give up hope if you’re not accepted!

Apply and Good Luck!


enews: @AgentsofSHIELD fans ask @IMBrettDalton: Is Skyeward still possible? #ELovesTV

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