Stargazers Chapter 4

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"Why do I have to be on a hunting group with Bellamy!" Clarke groaned.
After last night she had been avoiding Bellamy at all cost. She was completely embarrassed about having a dream of him.
But of course when they were deciding teams for the hunting trip, Bellamy said, no more like demanded, Clarke went with him.
Clarke knew they had to talk eventually. They were leaders and leaders had to work together, however she wanted to put off talking as long as possible. She walked in silence next to him, not bothering to make any small talk. Bellamy noticed, and finally stopped and turned to face her.
"Not gonna talk princess?" Bellamy asked smiling down at her.
Smiling. Not smirking. What the hell.
Clarke didn’t say anything but felt a blush form on her cheeks. She turned away to hide her face and began to fast walk in attempt to get away from Bellamy.
She heard Bellamy getting closer as he attempted to catch up with her. She panicked and picked up the pace.

"Hey princess, wait up!" she began running. "Clarke seriously!" But she kept running, not wanting to slow down or turn back.
She closed her eyes as tears ran down her face. She didn’t notice when Bellamy caught up to her. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to him. She squeaked when he picked her up and shoved her against a tree.

"Ow! Bellamy what the hell do you think you’re-" Clarke asked before she was cut off by Bellamy’s lips on hers.
Clarke lets out a quiet moan as he kissed her. Her hands wrapped around his neck and tangled her fingers in his hair. His tongue traced along her bottom lip asking for entrance. He then moved his hands to grip her thighs as he dug his hips into hers.
The feeling of his length on her made Clarke gasp and Bellamy took he opportunity to slip his tongue in and battle with hers. Neither losing and neither winning. She was lost in the kiss before it dawned on her.
 ’This is like that scene in Stargazers where Annalise and Derek first did…well did it.’ she thought to herself. When Bellamy broke the kiss Clarke expected to take off his shirt but instead he laughed.
Once he stopped laughing Bellamy ducked his head into her neck then whispered “Just like Derek and Annalise. Right princess?”
'Did he overhear Octavia telling her that part in the drop ship? Wait if he overheard that then…' she thought.
"I could imagine it too princess." Bellamy whispered kissing her neck. It was almost as if he could read her thoughts.
"How many times have you eavesdropped mine and Octavia’s conversation?" Clarke asked.
Bellamy laughed then pulled away from her neck. She moaned in protest by the absence of his touch. He chuckled and pulled her close to him again. He kissed a long, slow trail of kisses along her jaw bone driving her crazy. But, he abruptly pulled away and began to walk in the direction of camp. “Lets get back or they’ll send out a search party for us.”
"Wait, you didn’t answer me! Bellamy! Bellamy Blake, you better answer me!" she called after him, trying to catch up.


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